Sunday, June 25, 2006

Possible to make money in Adsense?

Is it possible to make money in Adsense?
That is the million dollar question asked by millions of millionaire wannabes. Basically, the answer is YES.
Firstly, the online advertising market is expanding, and expected to be much more in the future. Big Players are moving in and see the potential of the Internet advertising market.

Secondly, if the website content is good, people will return and others will visit too , just through word of mouth and that is free advertising at its very best. Recommendations are the best advertising tool.
So, that means contents is King. A good layout and design and ease of use also plays an important part.

So, now you have visitors. How to harvest them? That is another long story about Adsense placement and
design blah blah, which is widely available on the Net free as well as paid versions.


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