Wednesday, July 19, 2006

If you are banned from Adsense....

Hope is not you, but if you are then there is alternatives.
Besides Yahoo PN, you can use CPM campaigns to earn some income.
This is good if your page views are high, at least 5k daily.
CPM pays around $0.3 to $0.7 depending on your website and the
ad company. So if you put 5 different banners or popouts (pay higher),
you are looking at $10+ daily, which is not bad.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Adsense Earnings

Is Adsense earnings the best option for your website ?
It depends on the type of website you are having. Probably a Movie star
fans site will be pulling in a few cents per click compared to Mortgages
website. So in this case, using other Ads like Yahoo, Fastclick, or BidVertiser will be a better choice.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Affilate Or Adsense ?

This is another tough questions to answer. Should you aim to earn money from Affilate checks or Adsense checks ? There is no clear cut answer. I think if you are well versed in selling and marketing is your cup of tea, then I say go for affilate earnings. But competion is tough and lots of people are selling the same stuff to well, the same people. So the pie is getting smaller and smaller, especially in the ' Let me show you how to get $1000000 in Adsense' arena.

So that is why people pumped for Adsense. The pie is big enough. Because for every Adsense player, there is a Adwords client. Anyway, the internet ad revenue is expecting to increase yearly, so that is good news folks.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Some good sites to visit

Here are some good adsense sites to visit, a picture is worth a thousand, make that a million words.

Mortgage Calculators
Sports News
Interior Design
Make money
Relationship tips

Possible to make money in Adsense?

Is it possible to make money in Adsense?
That is the million dollar question asked by millions of millionaire wannabes. Basically, the answer is YES.
Firstly, the online advertising market is expanding, and expected to be much more in the future. Big Players are moving in and see the potential of the Internet advertising market.

Secondly, if the website content is good, people will return and others will visit too , just through word of mouth and that is free advertising at its very best. Recommendations are the best advertising tool.
So, that means contents is King. A good layout and design and ease of use also plays an important part.

So, now you have visitors. How to harvest them? That is another long story about Adsense placement and
design blah blah, which is widely available on the Net free as well as paid versions.